Friday, April 20, 2012

Add Tilt Image Effect To Blogger

Tilt image effect is an effect when you place your mouse pointer on the image, it will be shaking. Tilt image effect is really awesome effect only for blogger. There are many image effects for blogger and it is one of them. I already noticed many bloggers liked this effect. In the previous i posted about Image Shadow effect and Image Zoom Effect. It is also cool. You just have to see the demo, then decide.

Here is the demo. Place your mouse pointer on the below image to see the effect

View Demo

  • Go To Blogger → Design → Edit HTML

  • Press CTRL + F To Find the follwing code

  • ]]></b:skin>

    Copy and Paste the below code just Above/Before ]]></b:skin>

    Click Here For The Code

    Save the template and done

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    1. Does this effect apply to all images on your blog or can I pinpoint one image on one post. I would like only one image on one post tilted.

      1. i think its apply to all images. if you would like to apply this effect on certain image, you need to change this code a little bit and use class="...". dude i m not a coder, i m just an ordinary blogger, you can check this out - Image Zoom Hover Effect