Monday, April 16, 2012

Earn From Minuteworkers

minuteworkers is an excellent freelancing site for newbies and its almost 2 years old.newbies can easily earn money from minuteworkers the jobs are quite easy such as per sign up you will be credited $0.10-$1.00 the minimum payout is 2$ by alertpay and paypal there are lots of jobs and esily can be is my payment proof

EDU technology payment proof of minuteworkers

you can also earn from your referrals.when a member directly sign ups under your referral you will be credited 0.05$ and when they complete first job you again will be credited 0.10$. Remember if you make fake referral you will be banned.payment method is Alertpay and not request of payout if your reputation level is under 75% or else you will be banned at apyout day.they make payout only 15 and 30 of the banner to sign up

minute workers


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