Thursday, April 19, 2012

How To Create Sitemap For Blogger

We always provide useful blogger tricks so again an useful Blogger tricks for you. Sitemap is very important for SEO. We will make a sitemap look like accordion keyboard.

Here is a demo

View Demo

Feature of this sitemap :

Accordion effect

  • Show and hide effect

  • CSS 3

  • Automatic add jquery

  • Different color for content

  • Different style for open and close

  • Auto Sort the title

  • Add New!! for 10 newest entry

  • This sitemap was developed by abu farhan. Now lets see how to make the sitemap

    Go to blogger > Edit posts

    Then Edit Pages > Make a new page

    Give "Sitemap" title to the page and paste the following code in the page body

    Click Here For The Code

    Look you have to change the website address

    Now save the page and publish you will see a nice sitemap

    Please comment here if any problem. If you like this then please share with your friends and thank you for reading


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