Monday, April 16, 2012

What is Google AdSense Premium Account

What is AdSense premium account? May be you have never heard this name before.My friend wanted to install AdSense ads in his adult site but Google do not support it.So i searched for it and learned about Google AdSense premium account

Learn About AdSense Premium Account

Actually Google AdSense premium account is an upgraded form of Google AdSense.Premium publishers get paid more than normal publishers for same number of clicks on same niche while normal Google AdSense publishers have limited features.Premium publishers are allowed to create customize ads even they can place more than 3 ad units in a page while normal publishers can only three.Premium publishers can place AdSense ads in a hardcore adult sites and adult related ads will also appear on adult pages.

Advantages Of Premium AdSense Account

1. Premium ads on your site

2. High click rate - Customized revenue terms

3. Premium Support - Dedicated Adsense Account Manager

4. You can change or customize or remove "Ads by Google" branding

5. Display as many ads as you want on a page

6. Dedicated login page for premium AdSense publishers

The premium AdSense log in Address is

How Can You Get A AdSense Premium Account?

Its impossible for you to gain a premium account.Why? Your website must have 20 million page impressions or 5 million search a month.If you have this requirements Google AdSense team will automatically upgrade your account to the premium account with a confirmation email

The following sites are using AdSense premium account

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