Thursday, June 14, 2012

BuysellAds Approval Tricks

BuysellAds is one of the most famous online advertising company. It is an inspiration of bloggers like Google Adsense. The publishers get paid directly by Paypal at the end of the month. The minimum payout is only 20$. They offer 3 types of payment gateway. The Ad network is more popular than Google Adsense as there is no fear of ban and deactivation. Once approved you will be continuously earning from them. But it is too much hard to be approved by BuysellAds. At present there are only 2850+ publishers associated with them. It is not possible to get approval without high traffic, high PageRank and huge followers. There are some hidden secret Tricks which should be known to get approved. So i decided to share some BuysellAds approval tricks with you

Here are some facts which you will get in the denial email from them

  • Your website should have at least 50,000 page impressions per month. (For new sites, if you or your team has a history of creating successful websites within our network, we will accept you.)
  • Your website must be live, finished, and have fresh content.
  • No porn, anything illegal, or even remotely "questionable" content.
  • We do accept non-english sites, but they need to have high traffic.
  • If you have a ton of untargeted ads on your site already, we're not going to approve you. (You know who you are.)
  • If you do not have your own domain (i.e. you have a * url), we will not approve you.

Though, they mentioned all essential approval requirements in the email and their official website but i think they do not obey all these rules mentioned in the email. They keep some rules secret to select quality sites for their convenience. If you have a site with lower than 50000 impressions per month having good and unique contents, they will approve your website. Remember It is 10000 times harder to get BuysellAds than Adsense.

Google PageRank
You Must have your Blog or Website a Google PageRank of 3. You are not going to be approved unless your Blog obtains PageRank 3. Because advertiser will receive negative effect if they advertise on low PageRank website. You will get easily approved if your web PageRank is 4 or higher. No matter what how many thousands unique hits you receive daily. If your web PageRank is 0-2, Stop dreaming of BuySellAds
Alexa Rank
After PageRank you have to emphasis on Alexa rank. You have at least 100000 th Position on Alexa Rank otherwise you will not get approved. Alexa Rank does not matter much because i experienced many BuysellAds approved sites which Alexa rank is very higher even 200000. Those sites contain totally unique materials and high PageRank. Do not submit property to BuysellAds unless you have low Alexa Rank else you will get the same denial email saying "Thanks for showing interest in selling ads with Byusellads. But unfortunately we are unable to accept your request at this moment

Facebook Like
When you are approved, advertiser will look your Facebook page likes. If you have few likes they will not show interest on publishing ads on your site even being approved. There are so many approved sites do not get ads. Now BuysellAds measure Facebook Likes. You will be directly denied if you have only few Facebook Page Likes. However i researched on this. After reviewing so many sites i came into a decision that, You need at least 550 Facebook Likes to be approved

Twitter Followers
Same fact happens with twitter followers like Facebook Likes. BuysellAds need more Facebook Likes And Twitter Followers. They think if you have huge followers your site will constantly receive Hits. You need at least 1000-1200 twitter followers to be approved

RSS Subscribers
Like Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers you must have a good number of RSS subscribers. You only need at least 220-250 RSS subscribers

Professional Look
This is very important fact. Your website should have a very professional look. You will be denied if you ignore this subject. You also can show that you have enough widget to display Ads. I encourage you to buy a professional and clean Theme or Template.

Unique Article
Unique articles or contents are main key factor. I saw many approved sites with having high Alexa Rank. Those sites were approved as of unique content. Many webmaster write for their blog stealing other ideas. Those will not get approved even receiving tons of hit.

Technology,Design Related Blog
You have little chance while your site is not technology, Design, Web Design, Tutorial, SEO related. In this fact you must have high PageRank and high traffic. Health, Education related sites usually do not get approved. If you see the BuysellAds ads, you will find out that, those ads are also tech,Design and SEO related

Page views
Before Application, you must check whether you receive at least 1200-2000 page views everyday or not. Page Views matters a lot. As a webmaster you should take proper steps to reduce bounce rates.

Page Impression
In their denial email you will see they claim that you need at least 50000 page impression per month. But in reality you need a bit more page impression. Suddenly i received 50000 page Impression in a month i applied and denied. I understood you have to get 50000 page constantly and consecutively for next 4-6 months. If so you will be approved. So do nto hurry and keep receiving traffic

Custom Domain
.com, .net and .org are recommended domains.Subdomains like,,,,,,, .Tk and wap sites are not accepted. May be you know this

Remove Cheap And pop Up Ads
Before submitting application you must remove all cheap, pop up, pop out ads. Clicksor, Infolinks, Adbrite,, Adhitzs and other cheap ads should be removed. As they are as good as useless. You may not get approved with that cheap ads. It is recommended to keep the site clean and fast

USA Visitor
You should have at least 10% USA visitors. Actually maximum advertisers are USA citizen. USA visitors are very important if you want to success. whatever ad network you work with, USA visitors are must. One USA Adsense click gives you 1$-5$. So try to increase USA, Canada, UK visitors

Marketing Related Content
This will help you much after approval. You will get much ads from advertisers if your site contains marketing related articles or contents as as advertisers like marketing. You must place 3 or 4 marketing related good contents on the homepage after application to ButsellAds.

I consider it is enough information. If you have any lack on topics described above and submit application, no doubt you will again get the frustrated email saying "Thanks for showing interest in selling ads with BuysellAds. But unfortunately we are unable to accept your request at this moment. You will be disappointed harder

So do not hurry. You have to pass at least 6 months to be approved. Now-a-days more professional bloggers are coming out and at the same time and stage competition is getting harder. Keep writing quality content, making backlinks and receiving organic hits. You will get victory in detail

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  1. Very good information Rafi. Thanks for sharing. BuySellAds now added a 'Small Publishers' application form. However, I don't know whether they accept small publishers!

  2. I have few questions regarding this post. You mention that we must have "at least 50000 page impression per month. " so how do we check our page impression? Google webmaster tool display page impression and i have more than 40,000. So do you mean that kind of thing or page preview?

    In-addition to that how do they measure how much RSS subscribers we have?


  3. @chris oliver you have to enable "awareness api" to show buysellads your RSS subscriber

  4. Thanks friend your replay! I just enable it. Lets see what happen.

  5. Thanks for the great tips, it would be helped a lot.

  6. thank you so much - this was really helpful for me and I hope I can use your tips to get approval down the road.

  7. Hey, It nice and helpful article, But right now I have 30k page impression per month, is there any chance to get approve if I apply for byselladd

  8. nice yar helpful article...thankyou

  9. Thanks for sharing great tips.

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