Thursday, June 14, 2012

Download W3schools Offline Version

W3schools is very popular site for learning web programming language such as PHP, HTMl, Java, Javaswcript, Asap.Net, Mysql, JQuary and many more. When you have not connected with internet how you can browse W3schools. Last couple of months i cut off my internet connection and i missed W3shools a lot. After that i downloaded the website and enjoyed it in offline. You may wonder how i can download such a big website.

The entire website is only 2 MB . The file is highly compressed with 7 Zip. You have to install the 7 Zip.

After downloading 7 ZIP then download the full W3schools website


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  1. I dont know why people are not commenting here but you must get Thanks. May i ask where have you got it?

  2. Oh ! i didn't know about the offline version! thanks rafi to share it!