Thursday, June 14, 2012

How To Maximize Kindle Fire Battery Life

Kindle fire is now number 1 Android device as well as the sweetheart of million people. It's Design, Services, structure and relatively low pricing amaze us. Kindle Fire comes with 8 hours battery life with full charge but the battery charge runs out before estimated time. Here you will know how to extend Kindle Fire battery life. I hope this tricks will help you to maximize kindle fire battery life. This tricks are also applicable to maximize Nokia Battery life as well.

Stop Using While Charging

This is the main reason of damage of battery. I witnessed many crazy people who do not stop using Kindle Fire while the the charger is plug-in. The battery is very costly so you should keep control of this kind of attitude

Let The Device Fully Charge

This is possible second most cause of short battery lifetime. Crazy teenagers don't wait. They play games and listen musics without full charge. Your any mobile battery will be destroyed if you use the device without full charge. First let the battery fully charge then use your Kindle Fire. If you follow the rule, you can have a great long battery lifetime hopefully

Turn Off Wi-Fi Switch

Switch off the Wi-Fi. If you run Wi-Fi the battery continuously use high power. It damages your battery life too.

Decrease the Display Screen Brightness

Whatever electronic device you use such as Nokia, Samsung and other mobile device, computer and many more, you must reduce the brightness. High colorful brightness eats huge charges. And it lead you to the short battery lifetime

Keep The Table At Tolerable Temperatures

Kindle Fire Battery is Lithium-ion battery. Do not make the battery too hot or too cold. It results your battery damages. This Rule is also applicable to any mobile devices.

Delete Or Stop using Battery Killer Apps Or Games

Kindle Fire is so popular for playing wonderful apps and games. But you have to refrain yourself from playing battery killer apps and games.

Stop Playing Heavy War Games

Heavy war games as usual eat up maximum battery charge within few minutes. Just stop the practice. Do not play heavy war games continuously. Surely your battery will be damaged

Play Music and Videos at a Medium Volume

Playing musics and videos at a high volume reduce battery charge. I recommend to hear musics through headset

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