Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Host CSS, JavaScript And Html Files On Google Project Hosting

JavaScript, CSS Documents can be hosted on Google Project Hosting. Hosting source codes, JavaScript, CSS codes on Google Project Hosting is much safer rather than your personal hosting or other free hosting service. Google gives you unlimited hosting and your files , codes or documents will be safe for unlimited time while other free hosting services may shut down at any time. Google Project Hosting is a blessing for web developers. In many projects, we can just simply upload JavaScript files and hotlink to it. But this same trick does not work when hot linking to CSS, Image files and HTML pages or files. This is because, by default when we upload any file to Google Code, it is served as text-plain mime-type. This works with JavaScript files but not with CSS, Image files or HTML pages. For example i have hosted a HTML file on Google Project Hosting CLICK HERE So, we are going to discuss in detail how to host any file using Google Code and Sub Version Client. I am serving the procedures part by part.

Sign Up For Google Project Hosting

  • First of all sign up for Google Project Hosting

  • Now Click Create New Project

  • Now fill up your project name and other information

  • You Must select "Subversion" as Version Control system.

  • Now Click on the Create Project button

  • When the project is created navigate to the "Source" tab from the project page

  • Note down the special URL like and then click on the password

  • After Getting password save it elsewhere

  • Download And Configuration TortoiseSVN

    TortoiseSVN is a shell control client will be used as Subversion client to upload our static files with proper mime-type. The software was named Tortoise as it is as slow as Tortoise.
    Download Tortoisesvn
  • After download install it

  • Now right click on desktop like refresh and navigate to Tortoise SVN → Settings

  • A pop up settings page will appear. Now click on the "Edit" button

  • This will open up a notepad with a text document

  • This document holds all the records for the mime-type of the files to be uploaded. We need to add a list of mime-type according to extension on this file

  • Just after the end of the text document, add the following texts .

  • Click Here For The Code

  • Now save the text document

  • Now press OK on all the open SVN windows.

  • All technical process are done. Now let's see how to upload HTML pages or CSS, JavaScripts Codes

  • How To Host HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Now Right Click and navigate to TortoiseSVN → Repo Browser.

  • Enter the URL and press ok

  • A dialogue box will prompt for your username and Password. Enter the your Gmail and the password that you have stored. Press ok

  • Now the repository browser will open.

  • First Drag and drop the HTML, CSS, JavaScript files in the box you want to upload. Wait some moments for uploading file.

  • After download you will get the link of your uploaded file.

  • If you have configured TortoiseSVN properly then it will upload with proper mime-type and the file is ready for hot linking. You have got the URL to hot link

  • It is a detail discussion on hot linking files using Google Project Hosting. Actually this method is special for hosting HTML pages though you also can host CSS, JavaScript codes too< The whole precess is complex. Any fault during configuration may spoil your all attempt Feel free to ask any question. If you like the article , you can share with your friends


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