Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Make All Links Open In A New Window In Blogger

To open links in a new window, web developers use target="_blank" HTML tag. For an example <a href=""target="_blank">Blogger Widget</a>. When writing blog post you have to use target="_blank" on each HTML links which you want to open in a new tab. There is great impact to open external or internal links in a new window because you can hold your readers much surfing your blog and eventually more money you can make.

Make All Links Open In A New Window

  • Log in Blogger → Design → Edit HTML
  • Now find the following code using F3
  • </head>
  • Now place the following tiny code just above </head>
  • <base target='_blank' />
  • Now save the template
  • After this all links of blogger whatever external or internal even your blog title will open in a new tab of your browser.

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    1. Hi Rafi...
      Cool and easy tips to make all links in blogger to open in new window.
      This will definitely help new bloggers who have their blog on blogger (blogspot).
      Wish you best of Luck for your next article.